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Hampton & Mason 26cm Frypan

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Non stick is good, but before even using the pan the base was slightly buckled, heated on medium low heat and it buckled so badly it was basically unusable. Next frying pan will not be this cheap brand!


Great pan, i have 3 of these in different size. Highly recommend


Wise purchase for me at the best price. We bought this during sale period at Briscoes. The frypan is easy to use, easy to wash, and easy to dry. Definitely recommended.

From:Lee-Ann vh

Very disappointed. Not cheap and all the non stick is coming off and haven't even had for a year. I have really taken care of it properly... made no difference


We have a flat cooktop and without even using it, it already did not sit flat on the cooktop. So it has hot spots and will move around on the surface. Very annoying.


The non stick is easy to come off in comparison to other. Had this for less than a year. I wouldn't buy this again. I would go for another brand.


Very happy with the pan. Great pancakes!


Good quality frying pan and excellent value on special. No problems after one month of steady use.

From:Jan Nell

Thank you for your sales this one was a wonderful help for my husband , he was hanging out for this. Thank you for your quick online ser ice.


Owned for about a month. Send to work well for basic cooking. Has remained non stick so far. Best 9 dollars I've spent for a while.


Amazing pan, it's just great. You need to follow the instructions to use it and clean it in an appropriate way and it will work wonders. The price is great as well, I'm glad I found it :)


Very good


Have only had the pan a short time but this seems a versatile pan with good results from stir fry to steak. Easy clean up. Very good for the price.


Great frypan good size for a family and easy clean which is wonderful quick online service as well.


Great pan for the money bought 1 for my daughter too. Washed like a dream.


These are nice pans to use and would recommend them


Awesome product I'll get this brand next time too, great price, quick delivery service Cheers


Excellent service shopping online. It was delivered within 23 hours of placing order. Very happy with the product to date.


i love my new frypan use it all the time


It is a great frypan with a great price. I only paid $10 for it. Delivery is quick too.


I bought this pan 2 months ago for $10, I real love cooking with it. It doesn’t burn food and is large enough for me and my family.


Quality product


It still got one star rating because there is no minus rating system. It’s the worse than the worst. It slides twice from the cook top. Thank god no one got hurt I am so stupid that using it for a second time after the first sliding Nightmare at all , I have the oilly floor to cleaning not to mention my half way done dish. Return my bacon!!!


It still got one star rating because there is no minus rating system. It’s the worse than the worst. It slides twice from the cook top. Thank god no one got hurt I am so stupid that using it for a second time after the first sliding Nightmare at all , I have the oilly floor to cleaning not to mention my half way done dish. Return my bacon!!!


Great price. Great product. Great service and fast delivery.


nice pan great price great service


Excellent product. light-weight and quality product


Not bad for $10!


I haven't used this frying pan yet but I I am very happy with the price I paid


I am a consumer for more 20 years because of great quality & best customer service . Specially with my recent shopping with free delivery and right on time before my flight back to Brisbane. What a great service . Extremely Happy and I always recommend shop at Briscoe's to everyone .


Only used the pan twice but I am happy. Good job stick and nice high sides. Hope it lasts.


Great price happy with product


It took three lots of pans before i got one that actually did not stick.....only to find it was rising in the middle of pan.....pay the money to get a decent pan.


Good deal but understood it was an online deal only but after buying frypan online and paying $5 shipping, saw it advertised instore which would have saved me the $5.


Very good service and product




Very happy with service and product


Good pan for a bargain


Love the frypan.. works as it should.. only gripe is product should be checked over before being sent out in the mail.. as mine was dented.. still useable though.


Excellent product, couldn't be any more happier with my purchase


Great pan no issues so far and Fab price!! Quick delivery too thanks briscoes xx


Great frying pan

From:Out of my Kitchen...

cracker wee frypan, real nice.

From:Cheryl Henderson

Great size and super fast delivery was here the next day.


Fantastic fry pan. Great non stick surface.


Excellent product for volume and retaining flat bottom.

From:Nikita harrison

Great pan love it good quality will be buying more briscoes is the best

From:Kathleen whelan

Awesome pan. Cooked up some lovely fried eggs and no issues with getting stuck to the pan. Well im impressed.


Love this frying pan!


Great Pan for $10.00 Does the job!!, easy to clean


Happy for this deal, really good frypan just for $9.00. Thanks Briscoes.


Great product.


Worst purchase ever!! Frying pan ends up like a bowl when heated, it goes from being flat to curved. Returned 1 thinking it was faulty but the 2nd one has done the same thing. Crappy product. Do not recommend.


After all the frying pans I've had this has been the best. I look after it and clean it well and it's lasted ages! Longer than my $150 frying pan.


Terrible Frying pan, My house has had 3 of them and they all bend in the middle, would not buy again


Worse pan ever! Have only had it for 2 months & it has to been thrown out.


Had 2 of these both surface bent not gonna buy any of these anymore


Disposable even after first use, would recommend only when given free.


I recommend these pans when on special $9-$10 been using them for at least the last 4 years now replacing them approx once a year as the non stick does come off. But a great buy at $9-$10, I love mine.


Price good, but EVERY piece Hampton & Mason cookware Ive bought the handles end up wobbly.


Bought two of these for the bach. Never again. Waste of money. You get what you pay for.


Love these pans, have purchased several over the years. No, they don't last "forever" but for that price ($9) can't complain. One happy customer here :)


Have 2 of these. I bought them as they were cheap. However they are not flat, they are higher in the center of the pan than the outside so cooking things like fried eggs, hotcakes even an omelet is impossible. I am now looking to buy another pan. :/


Definitely the worst frying pan I've ever bought/used. Even at $9 it is NOT a good buy. Love Briscoes, but hate this product. Have given it a 1 as 0 isn't an available option. I promise you you're better off spending more and getting a better one (as I have since done - those greenpans, or whatever they're called, are great)

From:Chandra Kamal

Best price..love shoping in Briscos

From:Eleanor Glab

The non-stick does work well on this, but despite following its instructions to use only on a low-medium heat, it warped badly during its first use. Very disappointing. I'll stick with Tefal next time and won't try another Hampton & Mason frying pan.


Excellent Pan! I have 2. Coat it with Coconut Oil and even egg white omelettes will slide right out! Such good value!


Awesome pans,I have 4 of them.highly recommend you try.


Excellent product. If maintained well you will have no problems with this pan. I have recommended it to many, even people in Briscoes looking for new non stick pans. The price is fantastic .Food just slides out of this pan and it is easy to clean.


Great price for an excellent pan. Pls have a cover version of this too.

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