Sunbeam Food Dehydrator DT5600

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Sunbeam Food Dehydrator DT5600

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Do not waste your time & money. This appliance is an electrical hazard. Motor cuts out & speed pulses during operation. Cable appears fine. Mainly cheap motor in a what use to be a quality name brand. Goodbye to Sunbeam. Used for less than 100 hrs. Still under warranty, we will see if Sunbeam honour their warranty. Hindsight is there has been several negative reviews for over two years on this product. About time Sunbeam should recall this unit.


Bought this a few summers ago and like others, would have used it a total of 10-15 times. It's not fit for purpose: to dehydrate even very thinly sliced fruit you will need to leave it on high power for a day. It sounds like a cheap hairdryer, with an annoying high pitch that travels through closed doors. It has just died on me part way through a load and of course is out of warranty. Even on special, this product is a false economy - spend your money on something else


Very help full item in the the kitchen.


The fan is very loud considering how small it is. It did do a decent job at drying the fruit. But it recently just died. I had it for about 2 years. Maybe used it 15 times. Not very happy about my purchase but that's the way it goes. Save yourself the noise and dissapointment and spend a bit more on a better product.


This product gives sunbeam a bad name. It is loud and takes a lot longer than it says to dry anything. Fruit leather, for example, would take about 24 hours (instead of 8). We would have been better off using our oven! After such a disappointing start ours died after about a year. We had used it roughly 10 times to dry herbs, fruit leather and fruit pieces.

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